In my opinion reflexology is a very underrated treatment, you sometimes can’t feel the benefits straight away and you certainly can’t see them like some other treatments, but here are 10 reasons why you should book an appointment today.

1. It is suitable for everyone!  From birth to the elderly, everyone can benefit from reflexology as it is a gentle non invasive therapy.  The clients stay clothed and even if the feet are too sensitive to touch, reflexology can also be practised on hands. Reflexologists love all feet, both young and old!

2. Promotes sleep and deep relaxation. Reflexology induces a sense of deep relaxation, which in turn de-stresses and restores calm., this enables the body to relax and promote a better sleeping pattern.  If you do suffer from insomnia an evening treatment is highly recommended.

3. Balances the body and mind. In reflexology each area of the body is worked through reflex points on the feet or hands.  Each time the reflex points are massaged, it encourages the body to self heal and over time brings the body into balance.  I always work the body as a whole, and balance the whole system.

4. Reduces Stress.  Reflexology helps the nervous system to function normally whilst freeing the body to find its own balance and harmony.  When the body is in a deep relaxed state it can heal itself more readily. Reflexology is a powerful way of relaxing the body and balancing the systems of the body.

5. Reflexology Makes for Healthier Feet.  Reflexology can help stimulate the muscles around the feet, lessen stiffness and can reduce pain/swelling around the ankles or heels. 

For a home treatment: roll a foot roller back and forth on the soles as well as over the top of your feet for a quick massage.

6. Relieves Edema.  Regular reflexology during pregnancy can help reduce the effects of edema (swelling in the feet and ankles due to fluid retention), which is very common during pregnancy.  If suffering from edema it is best to keep your feet elevated where possible, wear appropriate shoes and drink plenty of water.

7. Helps with Musculoskeletal Pain and Stiffness.  Can determine musculoskeletal problems or areas of the body that require adjustment. The reflex points are so specific that the reflexologist is able to feel tightness in different joints and muscles of the body including specific areas of the spine.  If necessary the reflexologist can suggest the client looks into exercises/stretches or classes such as yoga/pilates to compliment and help the clients progress.

8. Hormone Imbalance and Menopause Symptoms. So many women have menopausal and symptoms of PMS such as irritability, insomnia, sweats, fatigue and mood swings.  Reflexology is highly effective in treating those who suffer from a hormone imbalance, and regular treatments can help manage this condition and can be life changing for some.

9. Improves Blood Circulation. If you suffer from poor circulation perhaps due to a sedentary lifestyle or a disability it may be that you cannot use the muscles in your feet correctly which may effect the circulation in your feet.  This gentle therapy, with the use of massage techniques, increases the blood flow and circulation in this area.

10. An Effective, Deeply Relaxing and Rebalancing Therapy.  Reflexology has origins in both Ancient Egypt and China both over 5,000 years ago.  I like to think of reflexology is both an art and a science.  The art is based on the practical treatment itself and the way in which it is carried out by the therapist.  The science comes in the fact that there are more nerve endings per square centimetre in the foot than any other part of the body and by stimulating the reflex points and nerve endings in the foot enables physiological effects throughout all of the body’s systems.

Reflexology is a gentle but extremely powerful, non-invasive therapy which provides huge therapeutic benefits for body, mind and spirit!