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Corporate Reflexology - Reflexology in the Workplace

Whether you are a large or small company, it makes sense to look after your biggest asset – your employees. Many companies are now looking at staff wellbeing programs and are discovering the benefits of a happy and healthy workforce!

By introducing employees to in-house therapy treatments, stress is greatly reduced, leading to increased motivation, reduced staff turnover and less absenteeism.

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Before having reflexology I was skeptical about the possibility of it helping me with my numerous problems, but I was wrong.

AM – suffered a life changing accident in 2008, which resulted in severe nerve damage on the LHS.

The spinal reflexology was intense but it was the treatment I enjoyed the most, I felt like the injury site was really being focused on

-GI – post operative, spine injury resulting in part of disc/bone being removed.

Wonderfully relaxing, Mel has been great all rounder, providing a kind ear and a truly peaceful experience.

- CL – pregnancy reflexology

WOW! Last night I had a reflexology treatment and a non surgical face lift.... The facial was amazing! My skin looks and feels fantastic!

-KM – rejuvenating facial

I just experienced a fabulous facial with Mel. My skin is noticeably rejuvenated! Maybe the Botox can wait.....! Totally relaxed, thankyou x

-LC – rejuvenating facial

How can reflexology work for your company?

I am able to visit your workplace for the day to provide 30 minute ‘stress-busting’ reflexology treatments to your employees.  I bring all my own equipment and all that is required is a small private room, an office or meeting room would be ideal.

Payment  Each company chooses its own level of involvement. In some businesses, each employee is fully responsible for the cost of their own treatments.  Other companies chose to subsidise the treatments for their staff. Treatments are £20 per person.

If you would like to know more, then please get in contact so we can discuss your company’s needs in further detail.

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