Fertility and Maternity Reflexology?

If you have been told that there is nothing physically wrong by a health professional, then the worry of being unable to conceive naturally can often cause stress and anxiety.  Reflexology may help to ease any emotional or physical stress that surrounding your fertility.

Although reflexology does not claim to ‘cure’ infertility or guarantee results, there are many examples of couples with undiagnosed infertility/sub fertility who believe that reflexology has helped them to conceive. It can be beneficial for both prospective parents to help bring them into balance and optimum health prior to conception, in conjunction with good nutrition and other recommendations.

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Fertility and Maternity

Before having reflexology I was skeptical about the possibility of it helping me with my numerous problems, but I was wrong.

AM – suffered a life changing accident in 2008, which resulted in severe nerve damage on the LHS.

The spinal reflexology was intense but it was the treatment I enjoyed the most, I felt like the injury site was really being focused on

-GI – post operative, spine injury resulting in part of disc/bone being removed.

Wonderfully relaxing, Mel has been great all rounder, providing a kind ear and a truly peaceful experience.

- CL – pregnancy reflexology

WOW! Last night I had a reflexology treatment and a non surgical face lift.... The facial was amazing! My skin looks and feels fantastic!

-KM – rejuvenating facial

I just experienced a fabulous facial with Mel. My skin is noticeably rejuvenated! Maybe the Botox can wait.....! Totally relaxed, thankyou x

-LC – rejuvenating facial

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Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is perfect for preparing your body for pregnancy.  Ideally the time to begin treatments is about 4 months before conception.  The most important developments in the womb take place in the early weeks of pregnancy, so it is a great idea when planning your pregnancy to ensure your body is in the optimum condition to carry a baby, having rid the body of as many toxins as possible.

Reflexology is one of the most relaxing complementary therapies you can choose to have during pregnancy. It is considered perfectly safe, improving your general well-being, it helps relax you and may help your body adjust to the hormonal changes that it is undergoing.

For most pregnancy is a wonderful experience, however, there are some who find the physical and emotional side effects of these hormonal changes challenging.  Regular treatments may help ease the following symptoms commonly associated with pregnancy:

nausea, backache, digestive problems, anxieties, fears, symphisis pubis discomfort, tension and sleeplessness